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     After the death of Tito on March 4, 1980 Yugoslavia went through new leaders almost every year.  As the the decade of the 1980's came to an end Tito's Yugoslavia had fallen apart. No longer did Yugoslavia have the strict leader that was able to unite the six republics that created Yugoslavia.  In 1989 a Serbian leader named Slobodan Milosevic led a nationalistic event commemorating Serbian martyrs who lost the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.  
     Over one million Serbs attended the commemoration of the Battle of Kosovo where Milosevic and other Serb leaders created intensified Serbian nationalistic feelings.  Milosevic vowed to push out the invaders who were living in Yugoslavia.  The invaders that Milosevic was describing were Bosnian Muslims and ethnic Albanians.  Milosevic would remove Bosnian Muslims from what he considered traditionally Serb lands at what ever cost it took. 
     The planning for the removal of all non-Serbs from Serbian lands was already being planned by the Serbian government.  On June 25, 1991 Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia.  Soon after Macedonia and Slovenia would also declare their independence from Yugoslavia.  Milosevic declared war on Croatia and the Croatian War began.  In 1992 when peace talks began between Croatia and Serbia the main topic was how to divide Bosnia up between Croatia and Serbia.  On April 5, 1992 Bosnia declared its independence.  Serbia and Croatia continued fighting thus beginning the Bosnian War.  Bosnian Croats, Bosnian Muslims, and Bosnian Serbs set up their own governments and armies.
     Milosevic continued his attack on Croatia and gave military and economic aid to Bosnian Serbs in their attempt to take control of all of Bosnia.  It is here where the Bosnian Serb Army committed the crime of genocide upon the Bosnian Muslim population of Bosnia.  Tito's Yugoslavia was no more.  The disintegration of Yugoslavia was almost complete.   


Yugoslavia after the death of Tito: March 4, 1980.